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The aim of implementing the SEED Project and Concept in St. Joris Bay (West side) is to develop and establish a local and regional center for demonstration, know-how transfer, teaching, research and technical support - within the concept of sustainable “smart” development that concerns and integrates environment, economic and social and aspects.

With the economic issues recently unfolding in Curacao (and the region), the natural changes in climate and biodiversity and the negative man-made changes to the environment - there is a great shortage of on-site supporting know-how, technology and professional management that can support a sound and sustainable implementation of desired projects.

Our core demonstration, training, research and teaching programs around these concepts, are based mainly on the Israeli well proven know-how, technology and performance in arid environment, integrated with the expertise of our colleagues from USA - will support future applicable projects in Curacao and throughout the region, in consideration with its tropical-arid environment;

St. Joris Bay area, having a tremendous potential as a site for innovative ecologically sustainable development of: Agriculture and Aquaculture production, Tourism, Housing and Recreation – Is an ideal location for the implementation of the SEED Project and to become a model for demonstration of the emerging concept of sustainable holistic development that concerns and integrates environment as well as economic and social aspects - That will serve the development of St. Joris Bay's are, as well as other development initiations in Curacao and other islands, that are lacking the relevant necessary know-how, technology and experience needed for successful sustainable development.

SEED CONSORTIUM: Sustainable Social, Economic, and Environmental Development

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