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Lead by Amos Gazit
  • To assist the Camiguin with the design and application of policies, coastal and marine zone management and economic development strategies aimed at boosting local prosperity and economic competitiveness while preserving and enhancing environmental assets;

  • To pursue applied research and hands-on teaching activities that focus on developing solutions to environmental challenges, infrastructure development, city planning, social issues and economic-development issues that are faced by the island;

  • To help position Camiguin as a model for conducting active scientific research and teaching initiatives in the environmental sciences, marine sciences, geology, microbiology, biotechnology and ecology, by the local university and invited institutes, scientists and researchers from around the world;

  • To operate a test-bed for international, interdisciplinary and collaborative approaches to research and teaching that integrate environmental and earth sciences, the life sciences, social and urban planning and economic development;

  • To create the infrastructure so that Camiguin can serve as a demonstration, training and teaching “field station” from which to practically conduct transfer of applied know-how to those involved in agriculture, rural development, tourism and related services, as well as non-academic education;

  • To organize and operate an Eco-tourism research and teaching center that will support scientific research and teaching initiatives, visiting scientists, develop Eco-tourism related programs and teaching; and to assist local industry in applying them;

  • To strive to optimize Camiguin's self sufficiency and independence, in producing agriculture and marine/fisheries food products that are necessary to support its development.

SEED CONSORTIUM: Sustainable Social, Economic, and Environmental Development

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